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On Sunday, July 16, the world will end.

Wait, don't look so bummed! It's not all worlds, just this one. In a few months this will probably be a hilarious memory rather than, well, terrifying.

Here's how it's all going to go down!

  • At dawn on July 16, there will be a great cracking sound heard throughout the city and across the entire island. At the same time, an uncountable number of Tears will open, scattered all across Ruby City. While these Tears appear stable, the sky around them definitely is not--the reality of the city itself appears to be cracking and crumbling, like an ancient painting. This will get increasingly worse until the end of the month, at which point the world Ruby City is in will fall apart entirely.
  • On Monday, July 17, Dil will make a network post with a simple but dire announcement: this world is falling apart, get out sooner than later or you'll be stuck here when it collapses entirely. Please note that Dil will not be responding to this post, so you won't need to wait on further information to proceed with endgame threads!
  • In case it wasn't super clear what's happening by now, by late on July 17, all visible animals including those listed in the bestiary will start fleeing into Tears.
  • Also on Monday, July 17, a catchall log will go up for all of your endgame threading needs! This catchall will be open to any former players or former characters who want to pop in, so that their characters can reunite with current characters, pop into the world they most want to live in, and have the best possible good end. This log will run until the end of the month, at which point the world of Ruby City will collapse and the game will officially close.

Feel free, current and past players, to use this post to plot, and watch [ profile] rubycitymods for further plot updates!
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Hello, Ruby Citizens. Instead of your regular State of the City, your mod team has an announcement to make.

As you all know, our head mod, Fi, recently stepped down and left the game after a long time keeping this ship running. In the time that Fi and the current mod team worked together, we set a few pretty exciting plans in motion to revamp the game, to make it more dynamic and to help draw in new players. Our hope was to be able to move forward and continue working on those plans in order to keep the game running in Fi's image and with the same fun, lowkey spirit the game has always had.

However, given the changes that we are still working to implement, a two-person mod team will not be sufficient for the next stage of the game's development--especially since both mods will be in school full-time come fall. Since we didn't receive any response to our open mod applications post, we have spent some time thinking about next steps for Ruby City. With the drops to apps ratio as it is, along with the above and other factors, we have come to the difficult decision that it is time to say goodbye to Ruby City.

The official last day of the game will be Monday, July 31. There will be no Activity Check this month, and our event this month will be a bit different than planned. Instead of the I Am Not A Robot event previously scheduled, the first half of the month will be freeform. Starting on Sunday, July 16, we will have a redux of the Trousers of Time event--with a twist. This time, when the tears open, they won't just go to the worlds of current characters; they'll go to any world there is, from any canon. And familiar faces will start to show up, too: people you've lost, people you've missed, people who used to live in this city and have long since disappeared. It's up to your characters to decide where they want to go for good, before the tears close up permanently at the end of the month. Staying in Ruby City is not an option, as it will become clear very quickly that the strain of having all those tears open is breaking this world apart.

This event will be open to any character who has played in Ruby City in the past. A plotting post will go up on Monday, July 10, and a catchall log will be posted on July 16. Again, the last IC day of the game will be July 31, which means all character will need to decide where they're going permanently by the 31st. Other than that, please use the catchall as much as you'd like! While we're sad to be closing up shop, we want to make sure to leave all of our players, new and old, with the best good end we can.

As a mod team, we'd like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for being an amazing group of players. Thank you to everyone who's played here in the years this game has been open, to the original mods, and to Fi. Let's make our last month a great one!
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Hello, all! Due to a slight hiccup (which was Fi not realising what comm she was on!!) the details and planning post for the Trousers of Time event can be found here! Apologies for the mix-up, but there should still be plenty of time for you to get your footing before the event starts on the 23rd of June.

This post contains a form to fill in which informs other players of your canon - don't be shy! We look forward to seeing your entries and seeing how you experience each others' canons over the course of the event.
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And with Elrond and Celebrian AND Aragorn gone, as well as his boyfriend Ecthelion, Erestor will head off home lest he mope too much (also he's not really getting a lot of tags, these days) but Maglor is staying
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Unfortunately Elrond and Ecthelion will be going back home, and with them gone, so am I. Thanks everyone for the good times!


Jun. 16th, 2017 08:08 am
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I hate doing this, but I've sort of lost my drive for Aragorn and Fingolfin. They'll be going home to be Kings and hopefully be reunited with their families. Eventually. Tolkien. But I'm still here with Sansa! She and her wolves will be putting up an entry soon. ♥
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Hi, all! As we discussed in the State of the City, with the departure of Fi and Kit from the mod team, we are looking for one additional moderator at this time. On top of that, we are looking for two or more proofreaders for the pages we are currently working on revising, including but not limited to the FAQ.

The job of mod is pretty straightforward! All moderators on the Ruby City team are responsible in part for upkeep on all pages, plotting, judging apps, and keeping communication with players going strong, to name a few things. There's a more significant time commitment for the mod position, and it does require checking in with other mods on a regular basis.

For the proofreading helpers, we are looking for two or more people who would be willing to look over our revised pages with a fine-toothed comb and make sure everything is organized, makes sense, and is digestible for old and new players alike. Our only set-in-stone requirement is that you feel comfortable going over pages that we've already looked over 20 times and telling us what our weary eyes have missed, or written in a way that doesn't make sense, or whatnot.

All that being said, if you're interested in either of these positions, please fill in one of the application forms below and leave it as a comment on this post! All comments are screened. Applications are open until June 25 at midnight. Thanks so much in advance for your help, y'all, and we are very excited to work with you soon!



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§ Activity Check Results §

Below is the list of all characters that did not check in for this month's Activity Check covering the dates: May 6th, 2017 - June 5th, 2017

Players who missed checking in on the first post may post activity for their characters here. This post will remain open for three (3) days and close at 11:59 PM CST on Saturday, May 13, 2017. At that time, characters not claimed will be considered dropped, removed from lists and considered open for others to apply for.

If you feel that any of the list below is on this list in error (if we overlooked a comment on the original Activity Check post or missed an announced hiatus), please respond here and let us know! We're all human, and we all make mistakes. Any player may respond to inform us of this sort of error, regardless of whether or not they play the character in question.

Agent Cherri Cola
Twilight Sparkle
Dirk Strider
The Dolorosa
England/Arthur Kirkland
Jarlaxle Baenre
Jenna Sommers
Julian Arken
Psycho Mantis
Remus Lupin
Below is the list of all characters that are currently carrying a strike. Remember, these will need to be cleared next activity check!


Alexander Hamilton
Byakuya Togami
Kid Kobra
Lisa Lisa
Steven Quartz Universe
Touko Fukawa


Jun. 14th, 2017 01:39 pm
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There's going to be one less kid running around the city.

The Girl is leaving the game and with this drop, so will I be. Ruby City was the first game I joined after years away from rp and the past year and a half have been a great experience for me. Thank you for all the fun and I wish you all well in the future.
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I've been in this game since its second month, June 2010, and with so many characters. Most I don't remember anymore. It was my second game. Ever.

I got to see all the changes, the mods swaps, the plotlines twist and evolve, I got to meet some of the most amazing roleplayers who took someone brand new to journal rp and made me what I am now. You're all still amazing and I hope you all have as much fun as I've had but after seven years here, seven whole years, and I think I've very much overstayed my welcome at this point.

So Celebrían and Ciel are going home at long last.

Phantomhive Manor, for so long as it remains in the city, goes to Maglor. He and his brother and whoever else he'd like to live there.

Elfhouse and all that Bri collected in her time here will go to Elrond and Erestor.
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Activity Check
Please use your tags in the communities to post activity for the following dates.
[May 6, 2017] - [June 5, 2017]

Rules & Requirements
✗ Comment on this entry with a single comment for all of your characters, following the posting format provided below.
✗ You must respond to this activity check with your active characters by Friday, June 9, 11:59 PM CST. Failing to do so will cause your characters to be listed in the upcoming warning post.
✗ Players and characters who have been on Hiatus for two weeks in the check period are exempt from the Activity Check.
✗ Characters accepted into the game since the start of the last activity check are ALSO exempt, but if a player has other characters from before then, they must still check in with those characters.
✗ Activity requirements are as follows;
◈ Two (2) posts/logs with at least one (1) comment.
◈ One (1) post/log with at least one (1) comment plus a thread of ten (10) comments total from a different post.
◈ Two (2) threads combined to a total of ten (10) comments minimum. (The two threads can be from within the same post, but please link them separately!)
◈ IC inbox threads can be used, but only for one proof.
◈ At least one proof must display cross canon CR.

✗ Full details about the Activity Check process can be found here and for anyone who is still unsure, we also have a visual guide!
✗ Characters exempt from this month's check are as follows:
Byakuya Togami
Carlos the Scientist
Dave Strider
Diego Brando
Elena Gilbert
Gwen Stacy
Gyro Zeppeli
Keiko Yukimura
Noriaki Kakyoin
Yusuke Urameshi
Zarek of Moesia

✗ Characters currently holding a strike are as follows (this will need to be cleared in the next activity check):
Ciel Phantomhive
Jean-Pierre Polnareff
Kobra Kid
Lucy Steel
Touko Fukawa

As usual, if anything on this post is in error, whether in reference to strikes or hiatuses that were posted during the month, please let us know and we'll fix it!


Jun. 4th, 2017 03:31 pm
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Hey everybody, Cat here.

So there really is no easy way of saying this but I'll be dropping all three of my guys - Afonso (and Rocky), Fun Ghoul and Naomi - and with that the game. I hope maybe I'll be able to come back one day, but until then this is a goodbye.

If there are any threads you want to finish up please let me know. I'll be happy to tie up the loose ends!

As for my guys and their personal belongings, well:

Afonso (and Rocky) - All his belongings go to Dairmuid, who will also find a letter lying on his desk.
Fun Ghoul - What little things he had can be divided between Kobra Kid and the Girl with the exception of his raygun. That goes to the Girl, along with a scribbled note saying "don't shoot your eye out".
Naomi - All her crafts and little gem statues are up for grabs.

Thank you all for the fun times and memories. I'll see y'all around!
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Welcome to the Ruby City Test Drive!
The rules are simple:

  • Pick your prompts and post your character, making sure to include the character's name and canon in the subject line.

  • Tag around, making sure to follow the game rules. If you're not sure about something, don't be shy - check with the other player!

  • We recommend staying away from "I just arrived" prompts. Instead, write your test drive threads as though your character has been in the city a while and is responding to our periodic events, especially if you're going to use your test drive threads as application samples. This will give mods a better understanding of your character, as well as make more dynamic prompts for other players to respond to.

  • This one's obvious, but just in case you forgot: have fun!

Come drive with us! )
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Time for another of these! You all know what to do by now, and we all love some good CR, don't we? You can either ask for/offer CR you'd like to play out... Or you can discuss what may or may not already have happened!


♥ Post with your characters, one per comment or a catch-all. If you have any CR in particular you'd like to rally, mention it here!

♣ Go around to other characters and discuss ways your characters may have interacted in handwaved settings. This could be casual meetings at the pub, patrols they may have gone on together, hikes and explorations, or just whatever strikes your fancy!

♦ Come up with some backstory for friendships that might not have gotten played out as fully as you'd have liked. These guys are trapped on a floating island together, 24/7... You know they bump into each other! New CR is highly encouraged - you never know what might happen.

♠ Have fun!

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Hello, Ruby Citizens! It's your modteam here with a couple of announcements.

As those of you on Fi-mod's timeline may have already seen, after five years at Ruby City and an uncountable amount of effort put in as a mod, Fi has decided it's time for her to leave the game both as a player and a mod. Due to an increasingly busy schedule, Kit-mod is also transitioning into stepping down as a mod towards the middle of June.

This is a significant amount of change at once, but never fear! Here's how it's all going to go down.

  • Fi-mod will be leaving the game as a player shortly; however, she is going to stick around in a mod capacity until the end of June. This is in order to help us with the transition and also help us lay out some forward planning.
  • Kit-mod will be sticking around through June 15, in order to help us with Activity Check and sorting through logistics moving forward.
  • We will make a decision about opening mod applications by June 15 and put up a post about it at that time.
  • In order to devote an appropriate amount of attention to it, our quarterly player poll will be postponed until July 15; the following player poll will be on September 15.
  • Because we're balancing a lot of plates for the next couple of weeks, some of our responses to things may be delayed. While we appreciate your understanding and patience on this matter, we also encourage you to check in with us if you feel you've been waiting on a response too long! We absolutely never mind.

Finally, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Kit and Fi for being such fantastic mods and putting so much love into this game. Kit has been an enormous part of restructuring and streamlining the game for the past six months, and Fi, of course, has been the backbone of this game for quite a while now. This game would not be what it is without both of them.

Once again, thank you to all of our players for working with us through this transitional period. As always, we welcome your questions, comments, and general feedback!


May. 23rd, 2017 02:30 pm
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Hey everyone, Misa here. After giving it some thought, I'll be bowing out of the game officially on June 1. I've had a lot of fun playing Alice here over the years and playing her return, but I realize that I'm just not feeling the game's setting as much as I once was. Instead of dragging it out any further, I think it'd be easier to leave. You all have been great, and I'll still be around for PSLs and memes, and I'll still be on Plurk and Discord if anyone wants to chat. I'll be working on wrapping my current threads with her up, but only that.

Again, thanks a lot you guys for giving me so much fun in playing her. I might come back to the game in the future, but for now it's time to step away. She doesn't have much in the way of personal items to leave, but they've been divided as such:

Sewing kit with fabric: Mantis
Box of teas: Afonso
Handwiritng practice sheets and notes about the "Lupin" book series: Naomi
Gift dresses from England: Those will go back to him with a pinned thank you note to the chest.

I hope you guys keep enjoying the game and keep having fun and being awesome. <3


May. 23rd, 2017 01:06 pm
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Hey guys, it’s Lupin!

It is with a heavy heart that I am saying this: I am going to be dropping Yuuta and Jane from the game at the end of May so we can finish up threads and tie up loose ends, if needed. As they are my only two characters here, this means that I am out of the game completely.

I have been struggling with Jane and Yuuta for a while—with their voices, keeping up with events and other plots, and miscellaneous details. A part of me also says that maybe it’s time for them to go off to different places and stretch myself in new ways. Don’t worry, it’s not anyone’s fault! These two have been here for a long time, longer than I thought they would, and I had an absolute blast here! I have learned a lot about characterization, coordinating ideas, and more from you, and I am absolutely grateful for that and all of the other amazing times I’ve had.

It has been wonderful and I am going to miss you guys. I’m sorry for any plans that had been discussed that we didn’t get to.

Thank you all for everything.


Stuff assignments! )
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Hey there, city residents!

This month, we have two events falling back to back and covering most of May. The Spring Awakening event is now over, albeit with a few lingering effects, and on Wednesday, May 17th our Inner Daemons event begins!

While still animal-centred, this one is a bit different. Each resident of the city is going to find themselves with a creature they can't quite get rid of, no matter how hard they try. In fact, trying will quickly show itself to be the most unpleasant thing they could try to do.

These animals aren't quite like other animals. They speak, regardless of their size and species, and they know everything there is to know about the person they are 'attached' to. They have always been there, and now this event allows them to take full form as a representation of the true inner self of their host.

Full information on the event can be found here! If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.
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Today marks the beginning of the Spring Awakening event, outlined in this month's State of the City! For a refresher, this event entails creatures both dangerous and benign converging upon the city proper, though exhibiting very little aggression, even if they would usually be inclined to attack.

Residents will be able to confront these creatures openly--for reference, everything in the first two levels of the bestiary is fair game! All of these entities are able to be played by players, but if you would prefer a mod to control one, leave us a comment under the header below.

Mod Control Request Form:
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