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No one saw that mess up nope

ONE. post a comment with your character, either a blank comment or them confessing something
TWO. reply to other characters with questions and/or reactions.
THREE. no one has a brain-to-mouth filter anymore. everything they say has to be the honest to god truth.
FOUR. hideousness ensues
FIVE. no one is ever late, this meme has been done in various ways like sixty times before, and i will love you forever if you know where the gif comes from

( Taken from [community profile] goshdarnspam )
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If you could make 202 vanish from your and Vash's life, would you?
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But... why? Wouldn't you be happier without her?
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I don't know. [He tilted his head to the side. Now that Lili had pointed it out, he was confused as well.] Why do you tell me everything?
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No! [He gapes at her, wide-eyed and horrified.] Why do you think that? You aren't horrible! You're wonderful and sweet and very sad... and though I love Vash and his pretty girl and I'm happy for them, I'm also a bit angry with them for making you sad.
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Ve~ [Smiling gently, he simply shakes his head and rests his forehead against hers.] You aren't. But let's not argue. Sooner or later, I'm going to find a way to convince you that it's not your fault!
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[He giggled and nodded, willing to go along with that for now.] I'm always going to worry about my family, but I will try not to do it too much.
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[Feli simply coos and nods and rubs their cheeks together. He feels the same way.]
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[Feli giggles as well.]

Lili, Lili, Lili! [A teasing singsong, he can play that game, too.]
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He flashes her an innocent smile.] Ve?
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[Feli flashed her a small smile even as his cheeks turned pink. He didn't know how to feel about her thanking him just for being there for her, being a friend and a brother. It made him happy, of course, yet... Well, maybe he felt a bit ashamed, or humbled at least. It was an odd sensation.]

You don't have to thank me for anything. We're family!
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[Feli noticed, reacted with a surprised blink. He smiled and leant forward to press a kiss to her cheek.] It makes me happy, sorellina.