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The Wallmaker's Puzzle - Vials

Hello, Ruby City!

As there has been some completely understandable confusion in regards to the vials awarded to The Wallmaker's Puzzle event participants, we've decided to institute an approval process for the abilities/skills each vial will contain, just to ensure everyone is on the same page.

There are only two steps to this:

  1. Fill out the following form in a separate comment for each participating character:

  2. Once you've received your approval, let us know when your vial has been consumed (and by whom, in case it changed hands).

We're also including a short FAQ here to cover the questions that have been asked thus far:

So, what are the vials?

The vials are small tubes of colored liquid that, when consumed, will grant an ability related to the fairy tale each recipient was transformed into for The Wallmaker's Puzzle event. They, along with the rest of the prizes, were distributed on the morning of April 24th, inside a small wooden chest that appeared somewhere amongst participating characters' belongings. Each vial is marked with a small tag denoting the ability it will bestow.

By "ability", do you mean the puzzle-solving abilities used over the course of the event?

Nope! The puzzle-solving abilities were simply a tabletop-esque mechanic for the event. The abilities that the vials contain should be thought of in a more general sense. You can base your vial ability on a puzzle-solving ability, but rather than Speed, try increased endurance; rather than Climb, try increased coordination. However, just because Fly is a puzzle-solving ability, it doesn't mean a character that was transformed into Peter Pan can't learn to fly via a vial!

How long do the vial effects last?

The vials are permanent! Once a vial is consumed, that character will permanently have the ability it contains.

Does my character have to drink their vial?

Not at all. Vials may be consumed, given or traded away, discarded -- whatever your character would ICly do with it. However, only characters who consume vials (whether their own or otherwise) will be granted the ability it contains.

My character took on a different form during the event (i.e. they were an animal, they had wings, etc). Would I be able to use that as their ability?

Unfortunately, no. We will not be allowing any sort of permanent transformations (or the permanent ability to transform into something else) by way of the vials.

Please don't feel discouraged that we decided to go the route of requiring approval; Ruby City has never permanently awarded characters with new abilities, so we're learning just as much as you are about how to handle this game mechanic! If you have any further questions, please direct them to this post, or PM the mod account. Thank you!
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CHARACTER NAME: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Lancer)
FAIRY TALE: The Tortoise and the Hare
DESIRED VIAL CONTENT: The ability to understand and talk to animals. I picked this because the animals in the story can talk to and understand each other, so while Diarmuid was the hare I had it so he could talk to and understand animals as well.
POSSIBLE ALTERATIONS: If understanding and talking to animals is too much, I would be just fine with him only being able to understand them instead!
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Diarmuid will keep a leash on his curiosity right up until May 1st and then will give in and drink it.